New year, new job?

January is a busy time for recruitment, with up to 30% of workers thinking about a new job in the new year! In turn, it’s become a prime time for companies who want to snap up the best talent.

If one of your New Year resolutions for 2024 is to land a new job, here are top 5 tips for improving your chances.

1. Update your CV

Post your CV online! You could save yourself a lot of time and effort job hunting and could possibly be head hunted. It helps to have a few CVs ready, each slightly different and tailored to the sectors you are interested in.

2. Be confident and personable

First impressions really do count. That first point of contact will always be what the employer will remember and can make the difference in gaining an interview or not.

3 Networking works

Networking on social media platforms helps with job searching. Many people find jobs through people they know rather than traditional means such as job adverts. Talk to family, friends and post on different platforms – you just never know.

4. Target companies

Spend some time researching different companies within your sector in your area and link up with them on LinkedIn. Sometimes it is also beneficial to send them your CV with a covering letter. They may not have anything at that time, but things change daily.

5. Remain positive

We all get a few knock backs when looking for work. Don’t take it personally if you are rejected or don’t get a response, because it is probably not because of anything you have done wrong.

Start your search today by viewing our current vacancies! Alternatively, send us your CV and we’ll check to see if your skills and experience matches any of our clients’ needs.