Quentin Howarth 1970 – 2021

Over the Easter weekend, GO2 suffered an irreplaceable loss within our family. Sadly, three weeks after contracting Covid-19, our Head Planner Quentin Howarth lost his battle with coronavirus and passed away late afternoon on Good Friday.


Quentin was a lovely person, loved by all at GO2 and the wider business and personal family. He never had a bad word to say about anyone or anything, was humble, and a true gentle giant. The tears shed amongst myself, my family, and the GO2 team have not stopped since hearing the sad news, as we reflect on what a person Quent was. The wound left will permanently be within our business following his passing.

Quentin was a realist, and would not want anything or anyone to stop operating due to this sadness, but would want this message to be put out there: “PLEASE, PLEASE ALL, DO NOT TAKE THIS HORRIBLE NASTY VIRUS LIGHTLY, KEEP SAFE AND BE VIGILANT, THE COST FOR NOT BEING SAFE AND VIGILANT CAN BE DEVASTATING.”


A few words from Chris Hughes, Managing Director:

“Quentin, you were and are a star, and what you have left with people that knew you is something immeasurable and irreplaceable. Your passing will change each and everyone here, and our outlook on life will be a far better one for knowing you mate. I used to tell you every single day that you were the perfect man for GO2 except you needed to work on your time management as it would take an extra 4 hours per day to plan what I could do in less time. But you had no sense of time, you were ‘cool’, ‘super cool’, and would get the work done in your own time. And this reflects in all the calls I have received at GO2 – they all said you had all the time in the world for them, never let them down and put their needs and concerns first.

Quent, you leave behind Sharon, your beloved wife, and the children you adored – Jessica, Steph, and Tanisha, along with many friends. Mate, I promise you that I and GO2 will be there for them and support your loved ones as best we can. Rest in peace our friend, Heaven will be a better place with you up there.”