Elgan Smith – Testimonial

“I applied and joined GO2 Drivers Ltd as a newly qualified Class 2 driver in August 2016.

I was basically advised when I joined the team that to get regular work I would need to soon think of obtaining my Class 1 qualification. Chris from GO2 offered to pay and put me through my Class 1 entering a contract, which I duly obliged and I have been with GO2 ever since.

I love my work, I wanted a variety and GO2 have invested in giving me the experience I thrived for.

The beauty of GO2 is that they do not operate like other similar agencies, they work with you if you work with them. I earn excellent money, have flexibility through fair play and cooperation with the GO2 planners and Managers and this works great.

I am on the books, not on an unethical ‘Umbrella’ scheme which all the others use to make more profits.

Good luck to Chris and the team into the future, it is lovely to be fully employed and have the flexibility in life too.”


If you’re a Class 1 Driver looking for full-time work, please take a look at our vacancies or contact us.